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Fire Alarm Services, Inc. a member of the Pye-Barker family

Client Testimonials

My campus consists of 800,000 sq. ft. of class A office and retail space, both free standing structures and connected structures and about the same amount of parking garage sq. ft. placed on a 32 acre campus. This is a high profile site for my client. I have had Fire Alarm Services maintaining the fire alarm and fire suppression systems on my property for 6 years since the property was built. I have a complexed site with a wide variety of emergency systems such as BDA radio amplification systems, Ansul hood suppression systems, pre-action systems and VESDA systems, the alarm systems within the connected buildings also have some complex programming. I picked Fire Alarm Services due to the fact that they offer alarm and suppression services, and their pricing was very competitive for the services they perform when compared to the installing contractors. The Fire Alarm services staff has always had the required skill-sets to handle all my systems needs and are very well versed on code requirements when it comes to interval testing such as 5 and 10 year requirements. Fire Alarm Services has always made customer service a priority and has always been very quick to resolve any issues at the management level, and the technicians are very courteous as well. They have several different specialized teams on my property every year which makes me feel comfortable that the technicians are trained professionals on the specific equipment and systems they are here to service.

I would also like to say that through my 17 years as a building engineer, while I was not the one managing their contract I have had Fire Alarm Services on many of the sites I worked on and I always felt that their customer service was top notch and that their technicians were high quality knowledgeable workers.

I would recommend Fire Alarm Services to anyone who asks.



In my 20 plus years of building management - as a chief building engineer, facilities manager, property manager and project manager, I have had the benefit of having Fire Alarm Services as my go to resource for fire and life safety alarm services. For testing services and new installation, the quality of their work and customer service is outstanding. And not just comparative within the fire and life safety industry, which Fire Alarm Services is a standout, but compared to all vendor services contributing to the operations and maintained of buildings and facilities. Fire Alarm Services has a customer service mindset that is next level in comparison, and will go way past that extra mile - working with the municipalities to ensure efficient permit timing, work completed as schedules dictate, successfully trouble shooting tough issues; while at the same time understanding and respecting the challenges that present themselves to the building management operations teams with appropriate and timely support. Fire Alarm Services is truly a benefit to our industry.


Fire Alarm Services has been a partner for over 14 years and one of the best partnerships we have. Staff and owners are always willing to help and the response is immediate. Family owned and operated, with evidence of pride from FAS owners and staff. We are currently completing our Fire Panel Replacement and the project has been seamless. The crew has worked tirelessly to get the project completed. We are very happy with our service and partnership over the years.


I have been doing business with Fire Alarm Services, Inc (FAS) in large commercial properties since 1997, its inception year into the Fire/Life Safety services market in the Denver area.

Over these years of Service, Testing, and the completion of several significant projects, FAS has proven to be the trusted and reliable source that I look for when it comes to the installation and maintenance of some of our most critical building systems. I have had experience with all of the major local service providers in this industry at one point or another, and I find the level of Customer Service and Response that I have received from FAS to be unparalleled by comparison.


I have been working with Fire Alarm Services for nearly a decade. They take great care of their clients and have always been a pleasure to work with. In addition to their organized preventative maintenance program and reliable service department, I also appreciate their dependable consultation and equipment reports during our acquisition due diligence period before we purchase a new building.